Hi! I'm Charlie. Here's what I'm currently working on.

Digital Games

Push! Pull!! Puzzles!!!

A 2D platformer where players solve puzzles by learning basic physics concepts.

Citytown Meltdown

A puzzle game that encourages players to think about how different materials can be changed when you heat or cool them.

Critter Collectors

A life science game focused on parents and their offspring, players match baby animals to their parents and observe their behaviors.

Super Shadow Detective

A puzzle game where players learn about how lights cast shadows by experimenting with their flashlights and matching shadows to the objects that cast them.

Toad Road

Through a series of scaffolded levels, players are challenged to discover what properties of materials make good bridges.

Treehouse Trouble

In this game, players learn about motion, balance, and stability by helping Sara Snap fix broken treehouses.

Citytown Sounds

Players observe how different things make sounds, and use the information they collect to make music for various residents of Citytown.

Clash of the Collisions

Players experiment with force and weight to learn about collisions and win the tournament.

Operation Investigation

This is a stand-alone app made for families to play together. Each player investigates an animal, then the players talk to decide what animal fits all the traits they are looking for.


An interactive experience made for the Regis West Gallery

Far Out

A Game Jam Point and Click Adventure Game

Princess Senator Spy

A Star Wars Twine Game

Analog Games


IndieCade Award Nominated Two Player Board Game

Spot Search

A classroom game that teaches about classifying materials. Players move to spots around the room based on their properties in a series of scaffolded levels.


Presenters Choice Award, STEM for All Video Challenge

Best Tabletop Game IndieCade Award Nomination


Charlie Mackin is an award nominated game designer currently working for TPT PBS making educational games for Hero Elementary, a new animated TV show premiering Summer 2020. She has a passion for finding new and interesting ways to integrate themes and content into game mechanics. If you would like to contact Charlie, you can email her at charliejmackin@gmail.com, or find her on Twitter @charliemander13.