Charlie is making



innovative games.

An award winning game designer with over 5 years experience developing games for all ages, Charlie believes that all games are teaching something, and all games need a grid.

Currently lead game designer for Skillsville, a new PBS property. Charlie is developing digital games, tabletop games, eBooks and virtual field trips expected to be played by millions of users.

After the success of Décorum, and the release of its daily puzzle app, Charlie's new expansion, Movin' Out, has just been released.

At GDC 2023, Charlie's tabletop lecture, "Encouraging Emergent Narratives with Puzzle Design in 'Décorum'" was ranked ninth out of 204 Summit lectures.

Prior to her current position, Charlie worked on Hero Elementary, a PBS property. Her games featured on the PBS Kids app exceeded 20 million plays within six months of release, and had double the average playtime of the platform.