For my Art major Senior Capstone Project I made a photography game called Souvenir. 3D models were made in Maya and the game was built in Unreal. It was installed in the Regis West Gallery for 3 weeks.
I knew that I wanted to make a game for my capstone, and I knew that having it run in a gallery setting would create certain limitations. Instead of designing a game to work around the fact that it would be placed in an art gallery, I made that the center of its design.
Souvenir is a game that can only be played when installed in a gallery. It allows the player to both be in an art gallery, and a virtual forest at the same time. Players walk though the environment, change the seasons on command, line up their perfect shot, then take a photo. Their picture will then immediately print out for them on photo paper for them to take as a souvenir of both the art show, and the forest inside it.

Players can explore a digital forest and change the seasons. When they're ready, players take a picture and watch it print out on photo paper as a souviner.