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Décorum is a game of passive aggressive cooperation. You and your partner share the same objective: decorate your home in a way that makes you both happy. The problem is, different things make each of you happy. Can you find the happy compromise, or is it time to move out?!

In each of Décorum’s scenarios, both players have their own rule sheets. These rule sheets will list three to five (3-5) rules you must follow when decorating your home. Your partner has a rule sheet of their own–with very different rules. In order to win the game, you and your partner must both fulfill every rule on each of your rule sheets. Remember: this is a cooperative game. You’re on the same side, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.


Princess Senator Spy

A Twine game starring Leia Organa. Set before A New Hope, right after Leia took her father’s seat on the senate. There are 18 possible endings based on your actions throughout the game.





For my Art major Senior Capstone Project I made a photography game called Souvenir. 3D models were made in Maya and the game was built in Unreal. It was installed in the Regis West Gallery for 3 weeks.

I knew that I wanted to make a game for my capstone, and I knew that having it run in a gallery setting would create certain limitations. Instead of designing a game to work around the fact that it would be placed in an art gallery, I made that the center of its design.

Souvenir is a game that can only be played when installed in a gallery. It allows the player to both be in an art gallery, and a virtual forest at the same time. Players walk though the environment, change the seasons on command, line up their perfect shot, then take a photo. Their picture will then immediately print out for them on photo paper for them to take as a souvenir of both the art show, and the forest inside it.





EDM Dance Party

EDM Dance Party is Video Game Development Club’s Spring 2018 semester project.

I worked with design team and primarily worked on the dance off section. All the arrows are randomly generated, but still go with the beat and cues in the song.





Far Out

Far Out is a point-and-click adventure motivated by hunger in the empty expanses of space. Click your way to victory. Solve the puzzles, fix the transmitter, place your order.

I made this game with a few friends for Global Gam Jam 2018. I designed the puzzles and made all the art.




The Rise and Fall of Ella V

The Rise and Fall of Ella V is Video Game Development Club’s Fall 2017 semester project.

As the last semester’s project manager, I spent most of this development cycle training in the new project manager. I also worked with design team, and helped with documentation.




Age of Attrition

Manage your kingdom’s quarreling factions in a time of war. Make choices to keep everyone alive for 30 days under siege.





Echoes of Kai Anders

Kai Anders is missing. You need to find her. Use your empathy enhancement chip to discover clues by reading the brain waves of the last person to be seen with her. Will you be able to figure out the puzzle in this Neon Noir Visual Novel?





Two Weeks Notice

A simple twine game about an unhappy bank teller robot’s eventful day at work.

This game was an experiment in showing emotion and internal conflict though choice. All the choices are to get the player in the headspace of the character, rather then about changing the situation.



Protect your bamboo forest in this fast-paced rhythm game! Use your bamboo bo-staff to stop the approaching soldiers.

This was the first game I ever managed. Over the course of 4 months, with a team of about 35 full time students, I created and managed all the deadlines, facilitated communication between departments and their team leaders, and led management meetings as needed.